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Following 3,000 years of customs and traditions, the colorful Nowruz Festival — the Persian New Year celebration — will be held on Sunday, March 10, 2024, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. This year's festival, with more than 60 booth vendors, is free and will be held indoor (Nowruz Bazaar) & outdoor (Live Entertainment) at Hilton Firfax, VA. This free event attracts thousands of visitors who come for the music, dance, dramatic performances, shopping at the Bazaar, and costumed characters roaming the festival.

About Nowruz

Of all the Persian national festivals, the New Year celebrations are at once the most important and the most colorful.

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Single Click Installation

If you're interested in supporting this event, there are several ways you might do so.

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Photo Gallery

There are lots of fun Nowruz festival photos to see! Find them here in our photo gallery.

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